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Many Services Offered

Besides boats…Along with servicing the boating industry, our Upholstery services also include local restaurant’s booths and chair pads, as well as homeowner’s custom built seating needs. Porch and patio furnishings and enclosures are among the scope of work produced. Recently, we have begun creating specialty items for motorcycles and car enthusiasts. Canvas and upholstery services are specially made to fit the customer’s guidelines and needs. 

Refurbishment of what you already own is a viable option for boat owners.

With close to 20 years of Boat Detailing experience, we offer basic wash and wax services, as well as more involved wet sanding and buffing which can take the fade out of the gelcoat or remove scratches that haven’t cut completely through.

By repairing or replacing the boat’s canvas, upholstery, and replacing the snap-in Cockpit carpet, our customers are able to protect their investmentprolong the life of their existing boat, or clean it up for resale. Cosmetic changes are a fraction of the cost of a new boat, preserving and adding value to what you already own.