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Boat Interiors: Upholstery & Carpet

Boat Upholstery gets damaged, tears and splits, needs restitching, mildews,  seat bases and side panels break or rot due to water, sun, and use.  

Sometimes, the customer just wants a new, fresher, cleaner look. 

Carpet also deteriorates with sun, mildews, and wears out. 

Interior and exterior cushions, seat backs, and side panels can be reupholstered, remade, or repaired.

  • Recover existing foam, or make new cushions
  • Use High-quality Vinyls and Outdoor fabrics
  • Color match (as close as possible) to existing or change look completely
  • Repair or replace rotted wood or starboard
Boat Interiors | Upholstery & Carpet

Boat Carpet:

  • Good Selection of Marine grade carpets to choose from
  • Custom Snap-in carpets
    • Patterned from existing carpet
    • Patterned directly from boat
  • Glue-in (Cockpit area) carpet replacement
  • Cockpit area carpet cleaning