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Shrink wrapping, Winterization and Storage

Shrinkwrapping…it’s meant to protect your boat… We take great care to wrap your boat as close to the waterline as we can, and add additional protection along the sides to prevent rubbing and chafing caused by the plastic moving in the winds. Our frames are strong, 2 x 3 construction with wood strapping, with the stanchions placed at least every 4’. They are built with an arch and pitch designed to shed snow loads. We tape our frames together as much as possible, to lessen the chance that a screw might crash onto the upholstery and puncture or tear it when they are disassembled in the Spring. We also wrap around the drives to prevent unwanted critters from finding new homes.  If you need access to the boat over the winter, a zipper door can be added.


  • Strong frames
  • No nails or screws
  • Wrapped to the waterline
  • Protection added at lower edges to prevent chafing
  • Vented

As a convenience to our customers, we offer bottom washing, winterization of the boat and water systems, and outside storage of boats and trailers.